Guild Continent Map

All action takes place via the GvG continent map, which is a special map designed for inter-guild battles and warfare. The map is split up into provinces, which you can see are separated by rivers and mountain borders. Each area represents a different age.
The GvG continent map allows you to see a quick overview of your guild's influence in different provinces and also serves as the entry point into those provinces, where your guild will do battle. In the image below, you can see your own guild's area of influence highlighted in green, with enemy territory shown in red. Orange areas indicate territory which is owned by NPCs, in which player guilds have yet to expand.
Your guild can fight in a single province, or all of them... the choice is yours! However, you can only do battle using units and goods from the same age as the province you are fighting in... so, for example, in the Iron Age map, you can only use units and goods from the Iron Age.

Hovering over one of the provinces in the map will display a tooltip containing information about the province, including top guilds and the province's age. At the top left of the map you can also see your guild's current ranking, and clicking the area will open the guild ranking window.
Clicking a province in the GvG continent map will take you to the province view.

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